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Welcome to my online crypto museum! Here you will find some information about a number of old encryption items, including manuals, posters, and machines (including an Enigma machine). I hope you enjoy your visit. Please don't hesitate to contact me by clicking the "contact" link on the navigation bar to the left. I would enjoy hearing from you!!

I try to put as many original source materials online as I can. I have posted some manuals here, some of my favorite propaganda, magazine articles, and even a training video for the M-209 encryption machine.

As I tried to learn more about these crypto machines on the web, I found that there were very few hi-resolution images for me to study. Part of my goal for this site is to provide such images. As a result, this site can be very bandwidth heavy.

Also, if you have ideas for the site, or if you'd like me to post photographs of a specific item, please feel free to contact me.

Note about linking to my site: I would be honored to have you link to my site, but please be aware that I continue to make changes to the structure of the site. The image or page you see here today may not be there tomorrow. I would encourage you to link to my top level page ( to be safe.


If you have any of the items below for sale, please contact me.
  1. An original Enigma external rotor case. Here are some examples:
  2. Original Enigma light bulbs. They are shorter than normal light bulbs. See my Enigma lamps page for more information.
  3. Cryptologia Volume 14, Number 2, April, 1990 which has a reference to the HC-9 cipher machine.
  4. Military Cryptanalytics by Friedman & Callimahos. This is a multi-volume set published for internal training at the NSA in the mid-1960s.
  5. FM 11-35: Signal Corps Field Manual. Signal Corps Intelligence, dated September 2, 1942.
  6. FM 34-40-2 Basic Cryptanalysis: This field manual is intended as a training text in basic cryptanalytics and as a reference for military cryptanalysts.


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