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There have been a few movies which have featured the Enigma.


Theatrical release: Apr 19, 2002

Reviews by Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB and Netflix.

From the back of the DVD:

Enigma is an exciting tale of love, espionage, patriotism and betrayal set during World War II from acclaimed director Michael Apted ( Enough ) and Oscar winning screenwriter Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love, 1988) and produced by Mick Jagger and Lorne Michaels.

Still reeling from the devastating disappearance of his lover Claire (Saffron Burrows, Timecode), brilliant code-breaker Tom Jericho (Dougray Scott, Mission Impossible II ) is summoned to Britain's top-secret intelligence campus. There he faces his toughest assignment- crack the Nazis' infamous Enigma code. With the help of Claire's roommate Hester (Oscar Nominee Kate Winslet), and with a ruthless secret agent (Jeremy Northam, Gosford Park ) in hot pursuit, the two must piece together the puzzle that links Claire's disappearance to U-boats closing in on Allied cargo ships, and a mass grave in Poland. Enigma has been hailed as a thinking person's thriller that's "mind twisting fun, with first rate performances." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.



Theatrical release: April 21, 2000

Reviews by Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDB and Netflix.

From the back of the DVD:

A U.S. Navy captain and his crew are just beginning to enjoy 48 hours of leave when they receive word to immediately return to duty. On a top-secret assignment, they must disguise themselves as Nazis and infiltrate a severely damaged Nazi U-boat. Once on board, they are to steal the Nazi’s top-secret decoding device and sink the sub before the Germans catch on to what’s really happening. Their mission is more dangerous and frightening than anything they could have ever imagined, but one which has the power to turn the tide of battle. “U-571 is exciting!” says Newsweek. Filled with incredible explosions, raging fires and speeding torpedoes, this suspense-filled, action-packed film sets a new standard for high-impact entertainment and features an impressive all-star cast.