NSA Security Awareness Posters

These watercolor posters are dated 2002-2004, and were created by artist Rich Waldrep. The first one is especially interesting. It has a series of binary ones and zeros at the bottom of the painting.

NSA PosterNSA PosterNSA PosterNSA Poster

There are two sets of text:

Information is a Target. Secure It.
The success of America's compaign against terrorism depends on you. Help ensure the outcome of future missions. Make sure information assurance is incorporated into system planning and procurement as well as implementation. Our enemies are unlike any we've encountered before. Don't let the unthinkable become possible, when security solutions are in your power.

Information Security Begins with You!
The success of America's campaign agasint terrorism depends on you. Don't help America's enemies plan another attack. Use secure communications when discussion classified or sensitive information. Handle and discard memos, documents, correspondence and e-mails appopriately. Practice good computer security when accessing the Internet. Our enemies are unlike any we've encountered before. Don't arm them with information that can harm us.